In addition to tobacco; paper, adhesives and filter material are typically used to make a cigarette. These components are called non-tobacco materials.

Components of the Tobacco Rod

  1. Tobacco Blend

    Tobacco is the main part of the cigarette. The “blend” consists of a selected variety of tobacco types from different countries. Ingredients may be added in very small amounts to the blend of some products to give a distinctive flavour characteristic or aroma, in line with consumer preferences, and to maintain a consistent product quality.

  2. Cigarette Paper

    The cigarette paper is used to hold and shape the tobacco blend into a rod.

  3. Side Seam Adhesive

    A small amount of adhesive is used to hold the edges of the cigarette paper together around the tobacco rod.

  4. Brand Printing Ink

    A logo or brand reference may be printed on the cigarette paper close to the filter section using a very small amount of ink.

Components of the Filter

  1. Filtration Material

    This consists primarily of cellulose-like materials; in some brand variants charcoal may also be included in the filter. These materials filter part of the tobacco smoke passing through it.

  2. Plugwrap Paper

    The plug wrap paper maintains the shape of the filtration material.

  3. Filter Adhesives

    Small amounts of adhesive are used to hold the components of the filter in place.

  4. Tipping Paper

    This is used to attach the filter to the tobacco rod and may be printed with, for example, the traditional cork pattern or the brand name.

Information on Fine Cut Tobacco, Cigar and Snus brands will appear soon.

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